Supercharging Enterprise-wide Digital Transformation
Holistic Artificial Intelligence
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Full-Stack A.I. for Mission Critical Enterprise

Privacy by design for IoT

Held true to the “privacy by design” philosophy, we believe that only a system that take human values into account throughout the whole process enable us to build fault-tolerant, cost-effective, secure and super-flexible hardware system will be the real game-changer. We deliver both the DeepVibes and Agnostic Integrator to supercharge data collection scalably both from previously untapped and existing sources at 10-100x lesser the cost.

Holistic Knowledge Discovery

“First unify, then build knowledge.” The motto summarizes the ultimate end goal of our full stack solutions. By facilitating an ecosystem of interoperable data, we will assist your domain experts to tailor-make an end-to-end knowledge discovery chain. Imagine every single employee of your company having a JARVIS — the sentient A.I. of Iron Man — assisting them with their day-to-day decision-making processes.

Responsible A.I.

Whether it concerns deploying decision-making digitally ahead of time or identifying early signs of critical machinery fatigue, a trustworthy and accountable AI is the foundation of a reliable system. We have the world leading experts to bring your current business operations to a completely new level.


End-to-end A.I. Solutions for Your Industry 4.0.

Critical Infrastructure

Predictive Maintenance with AI on the Edge


Automatically Identify Potential Hazards


Enhance Yield With Machine Teaching

Agriculture and Forestry

High Throughput 4D Forest Inventory

Supply Chain

Inventory Management & Adaptive Routing


Minimize Wait Time and Dsitruption with AI

Railway & Road

Underground Positioning & Monitoring


AI Change Detection & Classification


Weather Data Fusion & Forecasting

Vertically Integrated Technologies

From Sensors to Big Data to A.I.

  • DeepVibes

    Drives down the cost of data collection by 10-100x.

    Both an IoT device and an IoT abstraction, DeepVibes can accommodate any sensor in the market, sample the data at a high frequency, and send them back in real-time, at 10-100x lower the cost of any IoT system in the market. Low-cost and minimal maintenance will thus enable scalable deployment of IoT across the entire operation chain.

  • Agnostic Integrator

    The bridge to system-wide integration.

    Agnostic Integrator is the IoT bridge to all information sources. Works with most of the existing industrial control system, data warehouse and also database systems, this technology enables seamless interoperability across all systems alongside DeepVibes-abstracted IoT — thus unlocking the entire operation chain to holistic artificial intelligence solutions.

  • Asset & Operation Knowledge Graph

    Reduce decision time from hours to seconds.

    Making sense of millions of data streams, uncertainties, inventories, maintenance operations and organizes information as database structure that understands high dimensional space and time.

  • Deep Learning and Data Analytics

    Deep understanding into unstructured data.

    Uncover insights from big data and delivering answers that help make better decisions. Our multidisciplinary team combines experience in operations research, civil engineering, and computer science to make automated data processing pipeline to understand images, text, relational data and spatio-temporal data.

  • Holistic Information Fusion

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